RAVE to Alaska Airlines baggage handlers. Dummy me tucked my jacket under the handles of my checked bag in Honolulu. The bag arrived at SeaTac with no jacket. I wrote it off — my fault. Got home, opened my bag and found my jacket neatly folded inside.

RANT to rain-haters. You must also hate the green forests, snowy mountains, clean flowing streams, salmon, hydropower, etc. Our Pacific rainfall provides all of this. Maybe you should load up the U-Haul, and migrate south. You might find Death Valley more to your liking.

RAVE to salons that use hair dyes and products that do not have harsh chemicals like ammonia, parabens, and phthalates. This is great for their customers and their staff. I appreciate being able to go to a hair salon without having to endure eye-watering noxious smells.