RANT to stores that no longer offer rain checks. It used to be that when items you wanted were on sale but not available until after the sale ended, you would be able to get a rain check. Not anymore.

RAVE to the family who came to our rescue as we were limping our way off the Shaw Island ferry headed for a hike up the long hill to the parking lot after a long day on the island. One of us was using two walking sticks and doing his best to walk off the ferry so the cars could start disembarking. I was loaded down with a backpack, cooler and two large towels. Out of the blue, one of the family members said they too had parked up the hill and that if we gave them our car keys, they could drive the car down to the terminal. It was Dean’s 85th birthday and their gesture of kindness was the best birthday present a person could hope for.