RANT to Seattle’s drab black and gray houses! It’s depressing enough around here without more black and gray on all that siding. Where I once had views and trees, all I can see are tall sterile black and gray walls in every direction. At least use some color!

RAVE to Bryan of the King County Veterans program who arranged for housing for a homeless veteran who had been living outside the Juanita Walgreens.

RANT to King County Executive Dow Constantine and King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn. I had an issue that I thought they could assist with, so I emailed them just after the election. Three months later, I haven’t even received a “Thanks, we’ll look into this” form letter!

RAVE to the swimming teachers at the Shoreline LA fitness. They instruct all ages with gentle kindness and fun. Surrounded by water, we all need the basics of swimming.