RANT AND RAVE Rant to almond milk and the coffee shops who serve it as a plant-based alternative to dairy. Almonds are incredibly water-intensive to grow and are not good for the environment. Rave to the much friendlier and delicious oat milk.

RANT to local newscasters, radio hosts, even the recorded message in the Space Needle elevator that refers to THE Puget Sound. There is no “the,” it’s actually possessive (Puget’s Sound). C’mon Seattleites, this is a rookie mistake. Sharpen up!

RAVE to the good Samaritan who helped jump-start our car at Sea-Tac Airport on a late Tuesday night. After picking up our son at the curbside, our car just went dead. We tried calling for roadside service but none were available. Your kindness has given us a positive start to the new year. We have now purchased the equipment and keep it in our car so that we can pay it forward. Thank you!