RANT to the parents we saw recently on the Poulsbo Marina dock who had two small children with them who were not wearing life jackets. It’s dangerous and it’s against the law!

RAVE to Seattle City Light, which recently replaced a utility pole on our street in the Broadview neighborhood. They had to cut power to several homes and do some splicing to reroute low-voltage wiring to and from the new pole. I know a well-planned operation when I see it, and this was one. The crew worked carefully but efficiently, and were finished in about 90 minutes. Well done!

RANT to software updates that are not necessarily improvements. I had to change browsers on which I do my online banking, since the most recent update caused the secure browser, that I had been using for years, to no longer be able to display the site. Another update dropped the tone that signals the firm connection of the charger to my tablet to nearly inaudible from what had been a sharp clear tone.