RANT to motorists at drive-thru concessions for keeping their motor idling and their foot on the brake while awaiting delivery of their coffee or fast food. You are wasting gas, adding to air pollution and creating a visual nuisance for the folks behind you that have to watch your bright LED brake lights. It takes only a second to stop and restart your engine. 

RANT AND RAVE Rave for all those that put in the work to sell your goods at a yard sale. You are doing your part to save the planet. Rant for those who take all the items marked “free” to resell. We overheard you. What about donating to incoming refugees or leaving some of the items for others in need?

RANT to packaging. I just tried to open a pack of gum! Why have they made it so hard? Whether it’s a bottle of water or a $1 item!