RAVE to the dedicated and compassionate staff at the Regional Animal Services of King County here in Kent. I recently called in to report a loose dog with no collar that had been wandering around the neighborhood for a couple of days. An animal control officer came by and found the dog walking down our street. He was able to catch the dog who, evidently, turned out to be a real sweetheart. The dog was taken in to the shelter for some needed care and attention. Thanks to the officer for calling to let us know how things worked out. Guess that’s one lucky dog!

RANT to all of the owners, tenants and renters of condo units. Follow the rules and regulations set forth by the property management and homeowners association. We strive to make this our own community for the betterment of all living here. This is not apartment living. If you can’t follow or refuse to follow the rules and regulations then move out!