RANT to the inconsiderate person who dropped construction garbage on I-90 between Issaquah and Seattle, especially the utility knife blade. No problem, I picked it up for you as the blade embedded itself diagonally across the tread in my right rear SUV tire, cut the cord, flattened the tire, and rendered it unrepairable. The P275/65R18 Michelin tire had only 50% wear and was just out of Road Hazard warranty.  It was not an inexpensive fix. Let us just say that I paid less in RTA tax than the tire repair. I am not the least bit happy about either!

RAVE to the universe for getting my message. I needed a table for my sewing machine and was having little success finding what I needed, when, boom, my neighbor put an old, wrought iron, treadle sewing machine frame out at her garage sale. I didn’t even try to haggle.