RANT to the young 20-somethings who live across the street in a rental house who think nothing of having a party every weekend with their friends. You and others like you are the reason that cases of COVID-19 are increasing in your age group. Your immature, irresponsible and inconsiderate behavior puts everyone you come in contact with at risk.

RAVE to Costco for requiring everyone to wear masks inside the warehouses and for reserving the first hour each weekday for senior citizens and others who need it. This was just the reassurance I needed to finally emerge from my shell after two months plus in lockdown!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to beautiful spring days, working outside at home while enjoying the quiet and hearing birds go wild! Rant to muffler-disabled cars and motorcycles returning with the sun, their imposing inescapable roars echoing endlessly up and down Alki and Beach Drive, destroying any chance of peace for thousands.