RAVE to Emerald Downs owners, trainers, jockeys and handlers for sticking with the racing season during these tough times. A special welcome back to my favorite jockey, Leslie Mawing, returning to ED from Canterbury. Best race I ever witnessed was Mawing riding Stryker Phd to victory. Hopefully racing can return to normal next season.

RANT to the scofflaw who parked a red Mercedes-Benz in a disabled parking place at the Rose Hill Safeway the other day. You had no disabled parking card displayed and no disabled license plates. Shame on you! I park in those spots because I have to, not because I want to! Thanks for taking up a space from someone who actually needed it. Talk about rude! I hope someday if you need a disabled space and can’t find one, you’ll remember what you did. I did report it to the store and they took note of your license plate for the future, just in case it happens again.