RAVE to the dad at Farrel-McWhirter Park on Easter. Our dog barked at his toddler and frightened him. The boy was crying, scared. The boy’s dad was so sweet, he talked to the boy and comforted him until he got him calmed down. It was great to see such a caring, thoughtful man with the instinct to nurture. He made our day. Sorry about our dog barking, he’s actually afraid of strangers.

RANT to the safety seal on the bottle of arthritis-strength acetaminophen that is bonded so tightly to the bottle that it is almost beyond the capability of one with arthritic hands to remove.  

RAVE to 2nd Street Deli & Dogs in Mount Vernon for their great food and honest staff. They not only served an excellent meal but rescued my purse which I had forgotten. There are still honest people in the world.