RANT to people who don’t follow leash laws. Please keep your dog on a leash like all the other dogs! Leash laws pertain to ALL dogs! No one gets a pass on this.

RAVE to Ridwell, a locally grown company, that picks up plastic film (Saran wrap, etc.), plastic bags, chip bags, plastic seal wraps from bottles, batteries, light bulbs and Styrofoam! Now, between city trash/recycle/clean green and Ridwell, we have almost no actual garbage! Thank you for making us greener!

RANT to those who buy excessive quantities of toilet paper. Your silliness causes hardship for others, but no hard feelings. Here is a suggestion to make your hoard last longer: Be sure to use both sides.

RAVE to those who work to keep us as safe as possible and supply us with clear, concise, data-driven explanations for the eventual reopening of Washington.