RAVE to Costco in Woodinville (and perhaps other stores) for organizing a safe shopping experience for both its customers and employees. From the approach in the parking lot, shoppers are organized into a well-spaced line, monitored by employees, before entering the store individually in controlled numbers so that people can keep moving and avoid clusters. The same procedure applies at checkout, with a single, spaced and monitored line approaching the registers, where one shopper at a time is directed to each register. The only backup was near the exit, where shoppers are generally separated by their carts.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to Brendon with the WSDOT incident response team. We hit debris on I-5 and pulled off at the nearest off ramp with a shredded tire. He cheerfully offered to change our tire. Rant to AAA, who originally told my husband 45 minutes, and finally showed up 2 hours later (after 5 calls).