RANT AND RAVE Rave to the young man at Batteries Plus Bulbs near Northgate, holding down the store by himself and helping me by replacing batteries in two items I had brought in. At the same time, he kindly greeted another customer who came in, and told him where to find something he wanted, while continuing to work on my items. Rant to that customer who subsequently, angrily threw the item on the floor (thankfully it was batteries, not bulbs) and stormed out because he had waited a couple of minutes. He never told the employee, whose back was to the counter still working, that he was ready. No one has eyes in the back of their head! The young man finished mere seconds after you stormed out, by the way. 

RAVE to the staff at the Point Defiance Zoo. I took my son and grandson recently and it was a wonderful experience, even with the modifications. Every staff member we interacted with was great. Plus, we got to see the baby Muskox!