RANT to the residential gutter company’s ads deluging news broadcasts. Its smarmy spokesman also preys on seniors. My coronavirus Groundhog Day vibe isn’t helped by these pitches, which are, in fact, big turn-offs. I can’t reach the remote control fast enough when they come on.

RAVE to two lovely people. First to the younger woman in Safeway who had a cart overflowing in the line with the only checker open. I got in line 6 feet behind with my little 15-item order and just hoped my arthritic knees would hold out! She very kindly told me to please go ahead of her. I was so thankful to her! Then, a wonderful employee, Judy, came and took my cart to the self-check register and did it all for me! I’ve known her for years and she is always wonderful. So rave to both of these lovely ladies who helped this old grandma out!