RAVE to the considerate woman who found my purse next to a drive-by mailbox in Bitter Lake. I had no idea it was missing, as I didn’t realize it had fallen from my car when I opened the door to access the mail receptacle. She retrieved the sopping wet purse, opened it and found my driver’s license. She took the time to drive to my home to return it. I wasn’t there, but she crossed paths with my neighbor who then phoned me and because of this angel-stranger, I have my purse! When I returned home, I found everything inside. If you’re reading this, please know that your honesty, kindness and above-and-beyond effort will always remind me of what I can do to pay it forward. Thank you! 

RANT to the man in front of me at the Kent East Hill McDonald’s drive-thru who threw his half-smoked cigarette out the window. I had to smell that while placing my order behind you.