RAVE to the woman ahead of me in the drive-thru at the Aurora Avenue North and North 155th Starbucks who paid for my drink and treat. I haven’t been into a store yet during quarantine and was pleasantly surprised when the cashier said my order had been paid for. I, in turn, paid for the person behind me and will do it again. Rave also to the employee who placed my drink in a larger cup to pass it to me.

RANT to the dog owners of Seattle who think it is OK to leave their bags of dog droppings around my neighborhood! I understand you don’t want to touch a stranger’s trash can, but this is completely out of line. Do better!

RAVE to the Bellevue teachers who lined the street in front of Sammamish High School to peacefully protest. They all wore masks and stood far enough apart. Many passing cars honked their approval.