RAVE to CHI Franciscan St. Clare Hospital in Lakewood. My wife and I received both our vaccine doses there. For each appointment, we arrived early and were taken in immediately. The process was fast and efficient. The personnel were kind, patient and totally professional. After our first shots, our booster shots were scheduled without any problems. St. Clare is to be commended for a seamless and wonderful experience.

RANT to garbage and recycling collectors who leave the emptied bins in a way that blocks our driveway and mailbox.

RAVE to the woman at the Margaret’s Way trailhead at Squak Mountain who helped me jump-start my car. I know that she and a friend were just about to start their hike, while mine was over. But she spared me the time to help me get my car started (I had the cables) so I could be on my way. Thank you so much.