RAVE to the route 49 bus driver (with the big “D” on his cap) who helped his two non-sighted, non-hearing passengers with a service dog get from his stop to the stop for the route 372 at Campus Parkway. With your help, they made it onto their bus.

RANT to the vandals who broke into nine cars at West Seattle Golf Course the other day. Valuables were pulled from glove boxes and left on the seats, so what was the point? You ruined a beautiful Seattle afternoon.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the automobile drivers who drive on the roadways instead of sidewalks and bike paths. Rant to the bicyclists who ride on the
sidewalks or streets where bike paths are available. Rant to the pedestrians who choose the roadway or bike path where there are sidewalks. Cars are cars, bikes are bikes and pedestrians are pedestrians.