RAVE to our (in-training) letter carrier Damen in the Ballard area. We gave him an oversized card to mail, not sure of it having enough postage. He knocked on the door the next day, saying it needed one more postage stamp. He saved us several days’ return by the post office showing “postage due” and timely as it was a birthday card which arrived on time! That’s good service from a considerate postal worker. Well done.

RANT to TV sports announcers who talk about everything but the game we’re watching. “Color” is enjoyable, but viewers are more interested in a description of the action on screen, especially if the cameras missed it.

RAVE to Washington’s PaintCare recycling program! I just dropped off gallons of unwanted house paint at my Seattle neighborhood paint center to be properly managed at no fee. A win for the environment and my small garage!