RANT to TV show and movie producers that drown out the monologue with loud music. We now record everything on our DVR so that we can back up and replay sections while adjusting our TV volume.

RAVE to sweet golden dog Kezie, who is a service dog to the neighborhood, gladly giving “woofles” to everyone. Extra rave to owner Debbie, who social distances via a 6-foot leash. Doggie distancing!

RANT to people who seem to believe disposable masks can be left anywhere — by the side of the road, on park benches, on the sidewalk, the bottom of steps.  Find a trashcan folks and help keep our city looking beautiful.

RAVE to the organizers and leaders of recent protests and marches. I haven’t experienced this level of interest and projected behavior change in society since the 60s and 70s. Thank you for shaking us all up again.