RAVE to the customer service representative at the King County Elections Office. Thank you for being so friendly and helpful as I tried to navigate my way around requesting absentee ballots, because I kept changing my voter address (just a millennial trying to live a nomadic lifestyle right now). Thank you for promising to keep a close eye on my personal registration. Your commitment to helping as many people get voter-ready as possible is awesome!

RANT to the placement of Lime scooters on Harbor Avenue in West Seattle. They are parked so as to take up half of the sidewalk, when they could be parked in a city-sanctioned bicycle corral on the street, right next to them.

RAVE to the Seattle firefighters who pulled over when they saw me hobbling down the street with a cane in the U District, carrying two bags of groceries and carried both bags home for me. You really eased my struggle.