RAVE to the person who found my driver’s license at the Duvall Park-and-Ride and mailed it back to me with a nice card. Thank you so much!

RANT to the National Do Not Call Registry. I have been on the registry for the last several years, yet I receive six to eight calls a day that are telemarketing, phishing or spam. Luckily, Caller ID allows me to avoid answering those calls. 

RANT AND RAVE Rave to all the wonderful medical teams who for months have been giving COVID-19 vaccines (usually on a volunteer basis). Rant to the TV news reporting stations who continue every day to show person after person getting jabbed. I am so tired of seeing this every single day for the past six months. Enough is enough. If someone is not getting vaccinated because they are afraid of a shot, you are making it worse.