RAVE to Overlake Hospital for their extensive, imaginative and cheerful holiday decorations. Thank you for bringing much joy to patients, doctors and visitors. 

RANT to all the companies, especially big companies, that are using the pandemic as an excuse to shut down phone customer support. Answering machines tell you to go online for help. What if your problem is that you can’t use their online websites or cannot log in, then what do you do? Also, many people do not have computers and with the libraries closed, don’t even have access to computers. One big company is swamping me with emails telling me my account is delinquent.  They have blocked me from logging into my account to see it and they have no phone support! 

RAVE to the maintenance workers in parks around the Puget Sound region. One of my true pandemic joys has been experiencing clear trails and clean bathrooms and playgrounds in cities throughout the area.