RANT to parking chaos. We had a prepaid reservation at Sea-Tac Airport for a secure, undercover, dry garage, only to be turned away and sent to an “overflow” lot. We returned to dig our car out of the snow, trying to pry open doors iced shut by freezing rain, only to be told there would be no credit or discount for not being allowed into the dry garage. Merry Christmas — bah humbug! 

RAVE to the most wonderful young man who helped me when I couldn’t navigate the path from the parking space to the post office on Bainbridge Island. He was parked next to me, saw me in trouble, offered to escort me to the PO, carried my mail and escorted me back to my car, making sure I was safely inside. I love this island and its wonderful residents so much! Thank you for making my excursion through ice so easy!