RANT to the developer in the Crown Hill Urban Village for unwisely building a semi-subterranean 6-foot cedar fence that is 12 inches below ground level on the neighbors’ side. We now look over it into the new houses; are we also responsible to prevent rotting of this design folly? They did not bother to brief the neighbors with their proposed design. A retaining wall and a fully aboveground fence would have given everyone a sound design and maximum privacy — privacy which is now so lacking as new, denser Seattle housing towers within and crowds the borders of spacious old lots. 

RAVE to the people who pulled over to help reload the decking that had fallen off a work trailer on Highway 20, just past the Colonial Creek Campground the other day. Rave to the park ranger who directed traffic and the many drivers who patiently waited their turn to pass. Hurray for altruism.