RANT to the companies that roll their gummy vitamins in sugar. Sugar negates everything good the vitamins do for your body. 

RAVE to the hardworking crew from Seattle City Light who, on one of our hottest days, came to our neighborhood to get our electricity going. They were so very considerate in saving my old and beautiful Japanese maple as they were able to find an alternate route for the repair rather than digging it up. Could not be more appreciative. Terrific guys!!!

RANT to Seattle Parks and Recreation. The beloved east Greenlake swimming area of old is now covered in goose and duck droppings. Not knowing this, I planned a family picnic. It was a disaster. My 16-month-old granddaughter toddled around mounds of poo and the stench was unforgettable. Swimming was out of the question. Omitting this central city location is maddening.