RANT to MLB announcers: There is no such word as “velo,” and this baseball buzz bromide has become tired from gross overuse. Additionally, it is not even velocity being cited, but speed. Velocity needs a vector named along with the speed to be valid.

RAVE to whomever in the neighborhood put my recycle bin away in my carport for me. I was just having “one of those days,” so when I went out to get it and saw it gone, my first thought was that, once again, it got dumped in the truck and I would have to tell them to replace it. What a relief to see it sitting in front of my car when I headed for the back door.

RAVE to Caleb at the University Village cookie window. When I said, “Two, please; we’re celebrating 10 years cancer-free!” He said, “Here you go! Congratulations!” No charge! Ladies, get your mammograms!