RANT to scooter rentals that are in our way and rarely used during our extensive wet season. Most users are helmetless and out of control.

RAVE to the Lummi Island ferry crew who run up the ramp to help elderly passengers using canes walk onto the ferry!

RANT to Little Library thievery. It has been my joy to have a Little Library in front of my house, and it gets a lot of usage. During this past week, someone has taken half of my books on two different occasions. My library holds 45 books, so that many have been taken. The whole idea of Little Library is take a book, leave a book. Taking over 20 at once is just plain thievery. Just so you know, I buy most of the books that are in my Little Library. What are you doing with these books? I hope you do not find anyone to buy them. Shame on you!