RAVE to the kind person who found my driver’s license (I lost it on a morning jog) and dropped it in my mailbox. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to find it there. Another reminder of the goodness in so many people’s hearts!   

RANT to those of you who jumped the line/gamed the system so we in the announced age group can’t get vaccine appointments!

RAVE Rave to Swedish Community COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic for a vaccination process that was efficient, friendly, safe, clean and quick. Free parking was arranged. We were guided through the entire process, including symptom and paperwork checks, temperature checks, the actual vaccination and waiting 15 minutes afterward to ensure there was no adverse reaction. The entire process took an hour and we two were allowed to go through together. For those of you who don’t like needles, I didn’t feel a thing. Kudos to Swedish!