RAVE to the person who found my glasses. I lost my only pair of glasses at Kinnear Park on Valentine’s Day, while enjoying a snowy adventure. They’re expensive. I have glaucoma and I need really good glasses. Because I finished my outing at sunset, I couldn’t go back to look for them. So the next day, I returned to Kinnear to retrace my steps. Halfway up the hillside trail, I spied my glasses, neatly folded, resting on the wooden railing, waiting for me. Hundreds of people walked past them, and every single person left them for me. Thank you to the kind person who found them, and to everyone else who left them there.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to my 85-year-old high-risk mother who has been patiently self-quarantined since the pandemic began. Rant to her having to navigate a confusing online system, with no real guidance from her physicians, in a futile effort to get her much-deserved vaccine.