RANT to the man who yelled at my neighbor that he couldn’t wear a skullcap because “he wasn’t a Muslim brother.” His wife bought the cap for the yearlong treatments of radiation/chemo for a brain tumor. Today, my neighbor wasn’t wearing the hat. He said he was too scared, but said he really liked the cap because it fit him perfectly and kept his head warm. Can’t make this stuff up.

RAVE to the Woodinville firefighters who came to my home at 3 a.m. to check my carbon monoxide alarm going off. They arrived within minutes and made sure my home was safe.

RANT to all the new speed humps the city is putting in. I don’t mind the residential streets having them, but what purpose do they serve on arterials, other than wasting gas when you have to constantly speed up and slow down? I thought this was a green city.