RANT to the older man at Shine Tidelands State Park by the Hood Canal Bridge. I was standing by my daughter’s car to deliver some needed supplies to her. You drove up, got out of your car and began walking straight toward me. Have you not heard of the coronavirus and social distancing? When I asked you to please keep your distance from me, your response was to yell, “(Expletive) you,” not once, but twice! Wow, you must be a sad and lonely person because of the way you treat people. I hope someone will be kinder to you than you were to me.

RAVE to the Xfinity worker ahead of me in the Starbucks drive-thru lane early the other morning. When I got to the pickup window I was informed that he had paid for the latte I ordered. He did not know that the latte was actually for my sister who was waiting for me at the hospital bedside of our dying elderly father. His act of kindness touched us deeply in the midst of an otherwise difficult day.