RAVE to all those who voted for the first time!

RANT to thoughtless hikers that decide to leave behind some of what they carried in. On a wonderful fall day while on a short hike to Franklin Falls, we saw litter along the trail such as plastic bottles, coffee containers and worst of all — dirty diapers and doggie poop bags. Luckily, we had disposable gloves, masks and a plastic bag to pick up what would fit on our way out. The entrance has a large capacity dumpster. Everyone should use it.

RAVE to folks who, despite everything, still decorated their houses for Halloween. Big rave to our neighbor, “DJ Disco Vinnie,” for the incredible music, video and light show he puts on every year! His elaborate holiday-themed house displays draw appreciative audiences to the block, making Seattle feel a little friendlier and happier. It’s so appreciated during these crazy times.