RANT to schools having on campus and in-person picture days. Why on earth would you bring your entire school community onto campus when schools are closed? We’re in the middle of a pandemic. 

RAVE to the King County Library for curbside pickup at the Burien branch. So gracious and generous. A real circulating library.

RANT to the peloton of bicyclists the other morning on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail going way too fast, not only not staying 6 feet away, but almost running over people and leaving both a virus and dust wake behind you. Shame!

RANT AND RAVE for Seattle University. Rave to the bells of the Chapel of St. Ignatius that have tolled hourly throughout the pandemic, offering hope and reflection with a glorious sound that defies the darkness of our time. Rant to the administration of Seattle University who have silenced the bells, without explanation, leaving a void in our collective spirits.