RAVE to Jody, the medical technician who did my mammogram, for calling me the same day to tell me it was OK, saving me days of hand-wringing. She knew I was anxious and went beyond the call of duty. Such glimpses of humanity and compassion are sustaining during a generally dark time.

RANT to clips of people getting vaccinated. I’m tired of viewing subjects on TV being pierced with a needle. It’s important, of course, that they receive it to help prevent them from getting the virus, but it puts my teeth on edge to constantly see that needle penetrating someone’s arm every minute on TV.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the ASPCA and animal welfare organizations everywhere that rescue and save all animals. Rant to the ASPCA for their incessant commercials accompanied by Christmas music. I would think ad money could be better spent without being so annoying.