RAVE to the gentleman and his companion on a motorcycle who drove to my home to return my wallet containing over $3,000 that I dropped on 20th Avenue in Seattle. This hero also refused any reward. Well done sir, I’ll try to pass it on!

RANT to terms like “dear,” “sweetheart” and “honey.” I am sometimes spoken to this way as I age, and I know you mean well, but if you wouldn’t address me like this if I were 40 or a man, please don’t do it when I’m 76! I haven’t regressed to childhood. A simple, “Can I help you?” is far more respectful than, “Can I help you, sweetheart?” and it doesn’t ruffle my feathers.

RAVE to the good Samaritan who guided our 89-year-old aunt who missed a turn off the freeway driving to Fairwood. He had her follow him in his car. I’d love to give him a hug!