RANT to the decision-maker at the City of Shoreline who decided to add spotlights on the horse sculpture that is a highlight at Ronald Bog Park. Not only are the lights not effective, but now the permanent beige cages around the spotlights are ALL you see instead of the sculpture and the creative decorations that citizens have adorned it with.

RAVE to Lisa and Kaz at the QFC in Northgate. I was in a “my-life-is-meaningless” mood until their kindness and competence pulled me out of it. 

RANT AND RAVE Rave to Brian at Issaquah Cedar & Lumber for allowing us to return thousands of dollars worth of lumber when we discovered an engineer’s report and building permit would delay our deck replacement indefinitely. Brian had a truck here within hours to get the lumber and issue us a full credit. Rant to the “contractor” obviously who left our deck and entry demolished.