RAVE to the lady (my wife) that drove around University District handing out Popsicles to people on the hottest day in recorded history. One homeless guy told her he loved her, another lady at a bus stop told her, “You made my day.” What a great way to spread some joy. 

RANT to the group of cyclists that swarmed all around my car when it was stopped at a traffic light. It was disorienting to suddenly have fast-moving objects surround the car from both sides and in front, causing me to momentarily think my car was moving backward. It was also unsafe as I had to then watch out for these unexpected bikes in my lane all around me. Swarming is not good biking etiquette.

RAVE to “Justin the Circler” for his lovely chalk Mandala drawings in Occidental Park! Summer is truly here and Seattle is coming back for it.