RANT to SDOT for closing Golden Gardens Drive to traffic and parking for a “safe street.” Did anyone take the time to consider the wasted gas/congestion it has caused with one way in and one way out?

RAVE to the person who helped me after I blew out a tire. I was driving from Olympia to Anacortes for a short vacation. Close to Arlington, I drove over a metal ramp, resulting in an instant front-tire blowout. I am grateful for the angel in a pickup truck who stopped and installed my spare. He was disguised as a veteran in his sixties with a gray ponytail, but for me that day, he was an angel and I wanted to recognize his selflessness.

RANT to the couple who took their child to Surrey Downs Park in Bellevue and removed the protective yellow caution tape from a piece of playground equipment so their toddler could play on it.