RANT to visitors who don’t clean up after themselves. It’s tulip time in Skagit Valley and while the numbers of tulip seekers are fewer than other years, there are still substantial numbers of people visiting the valley and the town of La Conner. There are about five restaurants and a couple of cafes open for takeout. Overflowing trash cans in downtown La Conner are becoming a huge problem given all the takeout orders being eaten in our downtown parks. Please take the time to properly dispose of your garbage when you visit our town. Show some respect for small towns. People live here.

RAVE to the hand-painted rocks in my neighborhood. I walk in nearby woods, seeking distraction amid the hundreds of April trillium flowers and am surprised by dozens of hand-painted rocks with colorful designs and words of love, joy, peace and hope. My spirits are uplifted each and every time I visit! Thank you, again and again.