RANT to the Port of Seattle engineers for their botched airport-tunnel project. Thousands of airport employees have been inconvenienced for months and it just gets worse. Employee buses are now being forced onto the freeways and workers then dropped off at an alternate location where people have to run to their time-sensitive jobs. We can understand construction, but not using equipment and labor 16 hours a day is ridiculous. The Port uses revenue-producing parking places for themselves so they can report to work problem-free. Now the Port is asking for an additional three-month delay and everyday employees struggle to get to their job. Airport stress is everywhere but it should not start before people get to work.

RAVE to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance staff for comprehensive and kind medical care. Rave also to the cheerful volunteers who offer smiles, music and peaceful moments. Hearing a guitar solo or a keyboard playing Christmas carols during the rainy holidays really lifted spirits.