RANT to Seattle Parks, Metro, SDOT and parking enforcement. Closure of Seward Park has created many headaches for nearby residents. Visitors to the park are creating a safety hazard with their rude parking (and litter they leave behind). The bus stops have not been painted in years so you can hardly blame people if they park in there. Cars are parked blocking driveways, and even into the crosswalk areas. You cannot see if traffic is coming when you pull up to an intersection. Then, there are people who drive to the area and blast up and down Seward Park Avenue way above the speed limit. Many families are using this area and it is a shame that someone will probably have to be hurt, or worse, before acceptable corrective action is deployed.

RAVE to the young people (anyone under 70) who step into the bike lane to pass this gray-haired, mask-wearing lady with a cane as she takes her daily walk in the neighborhood. You are so appreciated for your courtesy.