RANT to the local television station that regularly includes segments about “The Bachelor” in its news broadcasts. Really?! Is that considered newsworthy? There are more important issues to report than superficial updates on a reality show.

RAVE to state Attorney General Bob Ferguson for working to keep the Seattle archives here. If the current building is to be redeveloped, surely another building can be found locally!

RANT to homeowners who leave notes on cars parked in front of their house telling the car owners not to park there. The parking spots in front of a house do not belong to the homeowner.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the person who puts a couple small hummingbird feeders in a tree in an undeveloped business park near Bothell in the winter and keeps them filled. Rant to those who think this is an appropriate place dump their bottles, cans, coffee cups and garbage. A little respect for nature please.