RAVE to all my neighbors who’ve created whimsical homemade artwork to delight passersby, from chalk drawings to dioramas visible from the sidewalk. Rave also to the beautiful gardens many of them have cultivated. I appreciate their creativity during lockdown, and it makes me look forward to discovering something new during walks in my otherwise familiar neighborhood.

RANT to the people who don’t understand what PARKS CLOSED means. Sadly, signage was needed at Green Lake to educate people.

RAVE to Skagit hospital. I have been there three times in the last three years. Every time a good experience. This time I had COVID-19. The nurses on the floor were unbelievable. They were professional, overworked, understaffed and putting their health and family at risk every day. Every time they had a smile on their faces and really cared. If you have to go, you will be in the best hands possible with the most caring nurses.