RAVE to Dick from a security system company in Tukwila for providing three senior citizens with water on our walk along the Green River Trail. Wow, your generous spirit impressed us! Thank you.

RANT to Stay Healthy Streets that continue to keep West Green Lake Way North closed for disingenuous reasons. What was once labeled a social distancing precaution due to COVID-19 has now morphed into the unexplained possibility of permanent closure. The lack of transparency from the city has created an unreasonable hardship for residents attempting to use the road during their daily commute.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the installation of speed bumps on 20th Avenue South in the Jackson Place neighborhood. Rant to the all the bits and blobs of tar left in the street gutter, parking strips, sidewalks and on the properties by where the speed bumps were installed. What a mess.