RANT to the people who put out salted peanuts and sunflower seeds that crows pick up and bring to my birdbath to wash the salt off, eat it and leave the salty shells behind. The songbirds now won’t drink the water. Are the crows smarter than the people when they know too much salt is not good for us/them?

RAVE to the jogger on the Burke-Gilman Trail who stopped to talk with my 2-year-old son and me while we were starting our stroller ride. She noticed our hospital stickers (we had just left an appointment). I shared that my son has a rare disease that we’ve been trying to diagnose for over a year. She said she would pray for us, and I felt very comforted by her compassion. She could have chosen to look at her phone or sit alone while waiting for her friend but instead reached out and connected with strangers.