RANT to restaurants turning a blind eye to the plastics pollution crisis by continuing to use what they call “recyclable” takeout containers rather than compostable ones.

RAVE to Seattle’s Find It, Fix It app. I reported garbage dumping on Beacon Hill and another trash dump along I-90 and both were cleared up promptly. Maybe it was just coincidence, but a rave to the city employees who promptly deal with the trash.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the staff of Mounger Pool in Magnolia. This outdoor pool and its staff are a jewel. We are fortunate to have an outdoor space to exercise. Rant to Seattle Parks and Recreation. Most of the city indoor pools are closed. Mounger Pool is scheduled to close for the season Sept. 6. We are living in a pandemic. The Parks Department should encourage use of our outdoor facilities, not shutter them.