RAVE to SeaTac Police, community service officers, medics and 911 operators. We were shaken to discover our reclusive neighbor passed away in a home accident. Every first responder was sensitive and consoling about a distressing scene and human loss that clearly upset us.

RANT to cyclists on the East Lake Sammamish Trail who don’t notify when passing pedestrians on the left. Thank you to the one woman who did!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to my upstairs neighbors for being considerably quiet while we are staying home these days. My mental health thanks you. Rant to my condo neighbor who walked in circles in the parking lot, 60 feet from my unit while having a long talk on your cellphone. Thankfully you weren’t on speakerphone. I heard you through the ceiling vent in my windowless bathroom and in my living room. Just a tad too loud.