RANT to leaving smoldering campfires, trash and damaged trails in our natural open spaces. Hiking the other weekend in the Teanaway area was not the experience in nature I expected. It was the aftermath of irresponsible campers who left piles of trash, damaged trails and smoldering campfires in an area of high fire danger. Did we learn nothing last summer? From what I’ve heard from others, this same behavior occurred in other areas as well. Please recreate responsibly, we are all stewards of this beautiful state — its lands and waters. Make sure campfires are completely out — no smoke, no embers, whatever you take in, take it out with you unless there are waste bins. Please be a good steward so others can enjoy our special outdoor areas.

RAVE to appreciating Seattle professional sports leaders. Adding women to the list! Noelle Quinn, Talisa Rhea and Alisha Valavanis.